““I met Frank five (5) months ago and I felt since the very first moment this is the love of my life. The first month he was indifferent to the situation even I felt he was behind all women except me. I asked myself: Does he know that I exist? I was feeling terrible about this because deep in my mind I knew he was the right person for me. My friend, Sylvia told me: she will help me by giving me a contact of a woman who saved her marriage Asinah I was skeptical at the beginning to be honest because I never believe in these types of things called spells and Muthi. I decided to contact Asinah, and she was very sweet, seriously i liked her explanation to my situation , and she knew also that Frank was meant to be my soul mate. so she casted a Love Spell that worked in days, Frank my boyfriend invited me to dinner after fews days the spell was done, i and frank are inseparable and unbreakable …..now he is just mine!!”

You are the best Asinah.
Laura, Brits

“I had been having problems maintaining relationships long term, my relationships wouldn’t last even if i try so hard. For reasons not known to me at the time every relationship l had kept failing. Guys just left me with no valid reason. When my last one failed l felt l had to seek help. How could l keep letting this happen? Asinah quickly did a consultation for me and found out there were problems with me, l had somehow had a spell cast on me that prevented me from having lasting relationships or successful relationship, it was i was just been used. With his help and dedication we got rid of the old spell. He cast me a lost love spell and a binding love spell. Although my results took a little longer than 4 days my man is back in my arms. Asinah was there to reassure me and to find out why the spell was taking longer. He immediately got to work to resolve any problems.”

Thank you so much Asinah.
Naidoo Stanger

“I feel like am betraying if I don’t tell the world what you did for me. Who thought that I would ever get my husband back and mine alone! He is always at home these days and sometimes I feel sorry for him but it’s my time now he must love me. Good I only spelled him to love me and his children. Thank you Asinah. Your are so powerful and May God protect you so you can help many others”

Thanks for saving my life Asinah.
Nthabiseng, Mafikeng – South Africa

I ordered a powerful witchcraft spell and received all the results I wanted. Thank you Asinah for all that you have done for me. You were always there for me and I would not have made it through it without you. You are such a wonderful human being. I will always work with you on all spiritual matter. Thanks for offering this great spell casting service  and I am sure you will make many as happy as you made me. I have the highest respect for you, your work, and what you do for your clients. You are so needed by all of us.

Olga, Morning Side

I ordered the reinforcement spell and before it was completed, I heard from my ex boyfriend. He called me wanting to see me. I spent the day with him today, which was great. Thanks Asinah and will post once my wishes have all come through.
Lerato, Boksburg

Dear Asinah
I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me and Paul get back together again, after three months, he has asked me if he can move in with me. I can hardly believe it!
I shall certainly recommend your return a lover spell.
Kind Regards

Hello Asinah
I don’t know if you remember me but I ordered a Powerful Love Spell from you a while back, for Marlene my wife. I was at the time highly sceptical, but I had nothing to lose as I had tried everything. Well I got to admit it worked! I cannot thank you enough. Please contact when you receive this message. there is something i would like to discuss with you. Thank you

Hi Asinah
As you know, I asked I thought, for the impossible. To refresh your memory I was very much in love with my best friend (we are both women) well she decided to leave her fiance nine weeks after I ordered your Powerful Love Spell. I am not sure if this is coincidence but I am sure your spell helped heaps.
A big thank you Asinah
God Bless
Thandi, Springs

Dear Asinah
I emailed you about three months ago, explaining my situation that I had become obsessed with my own business and because of this my wife left me.
I know it was my own fault, anyway I ordered your binding spell and over the weeks I noticed her text messages were becoming friendlier towards me. Also, the way I felt was different towards my work and I finally achieved a work/life balance.
My wife and I decided to give it another go, and we went to the Capetown, it felt like a second honeymoon.
We are now blissfully happy, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart Asinah.
Mbongiseni.  Benoni